Congratulations and Thank you SHB! This year we are celebrating 15 years of cooperation with our dear colleagues and friends at SHB, Lda. As a result of this cooperation, 150 biological pools have been created in the country, designed by Bio Piscinas, Lda. and built by Sistemas Hídricos e Balneares, Lda.

And the projects resulting from this good collaboration range from small biological pools for private use to very large ones for tourist use. While the smallest biological pool in the country, located on a property with a steep slope in the mountain, occupies just 21 square meters, the largest has 1,805 square meters to delight tourists in a luxury tourist resort. And between these two extremes, there is everything!

Engº Pedro Couto, his wife Carla Couto and the whole team do exemplary and extraordinary work, always with great dedication, good taste, the necessary care and love for a good result make dreams come true. We are very grateful, not only for the beautiful results of this cooperation that beautify the gardens of our clients, but also for having found good friends who share with us the passion for biological pools over so many years, a passion that already extends to the whole family. Thanks!

Who wants to see the biological pools from the perspective of SHB, Lda. please, visit the recently renovated website.