In times of inflation, rising energy costs and therefore transport, it is difficult to offer products at an affordable price. Bio Piscinas, Lda. together with its partner, SHB, Lda. managed to set up a model of pre-configured biological pool, designed for single-family houses, that is, for private use, not for tourism.

Called PB.22.000 this simplified version of biological pool, fully working, without technical equipment provided, ready to dive. For a construction price of 22,000 Euros plus VAT, execution project included, it is possible to acquire a biological swimming pool with a simple configuration, with a total area of about 130 m2, corresponding to a bathing area of about 42 m2, with the remaining area as plant’s zone.

This biological pool has a rectangular bathing area, inserted in a corner, delimited on two sides by constructed walls. On two other sides, the bathing area is embraced by the plant’s area, separated by submerged walls out of liner.

The indicated price is for Mainland Portugal in work locations not more than 45 minutes away from motorways to reach the work site. The price does not include water analyzes or pre-treatment system of filling water that may eventually be necessary in specific cases, nor any water costs or costs for finishing the living areas associated with the PB.22.000 biological pool.