Heat the water in a biological pool? It is common in biological pools in Central Europe but is rare in the mild climate of Portugal. This is due to the fact that the water has temperatures close to 20 ºC from Easter onwards and continues like this almost until São Martinho. But also in Portugal, water heating could be added using a heat pump. This equipment never heats the water directly, to avoid bacteriological problems. Because in piping systems with heated water it is not uncommon for very dangerous germs to develop. Nobody wants to have Legionella.

A system of spiral pipes, comparable to the floor heating systems in houses, is installed at the bottom of the pool, beneath the waterproofing screen. The heated water coming from the air-water heat pump flows through the tubes and heats the water in the pool indirectly. If the electrical energy for this heat pump also came from a photovoltaic system or another sustainable source, heating the biological pool constitutes an environmentally friendly solution.

Heating water requires large amounts of energy and, therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the water temperature to increase a lot and always remain warm. You can anticipate and extend the bathing season a little, this is possible. Everyone who is cold has to decide for themselves whether the investment in heating the water in the biopool was worth it. Everyone else takes a bath at any time of the year. Here or in Central Europe.