Landscape Architecture


Nature has always existed and is, of course, sustainable. It produces all that we need, and for that reason we depend on it to survive, but also for our physical and psychic well-being.

Nowadays, many companies in the field of landscape architecture work in urban space, where there is a growing need to increase the quality of life of people, bringing nature into the cities.

In addition to this inevitably important aspect, landscape architecture is also dedicated to other tasks, linked to nature and landscape in natural and rural spaces and to the preservation of natural resources. These planning tasks are the main field of action.

How do we work?

The starting point of our work is always the understanding of the local landscape, of what already exists. This understanding is based on field surveys and landscape assessment. In the end, it is the look of the landscape architect that reflects the identity of each space. The passion for the landscape allows to distinguish the elements that are important to develop, in order to maintain the specific characteristics of each site.

Working with nature, the whole effort of the business is focused on facilitating the occupation by nature of the spaces of the facilities that are preserved or re-created. Whether they are natural biotypes, reconverted habitats or gardens, the use of biodiversity as a plus and stabilizing factor and sustainability of the project, guarantees aesthetic value, diversity, particularity and a high potential of experience in the space created.

Our team

The formation of the team of designers, composed by a landscape architect and a biologist, gives you a particular awareness of the values ​​of the natural heritage, allowing you to act in the planning stages in a very specific way. Access to a vast database, together with the results of the data collection and fieldwork phases, allows for an in-depth interpretation of each particular situation. The integration of this preparatory work in the various landscape planning processes is a guarantee for optimal solutions and results. In the end, it is not only the owners who gain from the project, but also the landscape, the nature and the biodiversity.

It is not surprising, therefore, to find in nature and in the living beings that are part of it, a companion of our day-to-day work.

Landscape Architecture