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June 2021

History of taking bath


Over the millennia, humanity bathed in natural waters, simply because there was no other. The lower population density living in the landscapes of yore and the absence of contamination allowed this, in some parts of the world until today. Thus, one took a bath without concern. The first “pools” were invented 3,000 years before [...]

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May 2021



With spring a new inhabitant arrived at our biological pool. For some time now we have been wondering about cut leaves of aquatic plants floating in the pool, a phenomenon that usually does not happen. And, approaching the pool, someone was making sudden jumps, fleeing from the bank into the depths of the water. [...]


April 2021

Spring time!


The cold days are gone. Happily! With some afternoons with milder temperatures, nature really accelerates. We can almost see how the plants grow and each day again we can count more leaves of water lilies. The vegetation reacts directly to the presence of light and rising temperatures and dresses in more vivid colors. Suddenly, [...]

Spring time!2021-03-30T16:55:42+01:00

March 2021



However, there are several biological swimming pool projects for tourist use in the country that serve for daily capacity of dozens to hundreds of people. Some of these tourist developments have our service as an accompaniment by the designers during the first years. These monitoring projects serve as a side to implement the correct [...]


December 2020

September 2020

250 biopools in 25 years


We celebrate 25 years of biological swimming pools. In the last few years we have acted with more creativity than ever. We invented new concepts and designed really extraordinary projects across the country and some beyond. Above all, the tourism sector allows to dream big. We designed a biological swimming pool for tourist use [...]

250 biopools in 25 years2020-08-30T17:40:30+01:00

August 2020

Holiday at home … with biological pool!


Since there is a place that allows you to cool off, holiday at home don't seem like such a bad option. You avoid hours in the car, slow traffic, crowded beaches, long lines and, finally, the crowd of others. Without a doubt, it is a more ecological and sustainable variant to spend your vacation [...]

Holiday at home … with biological pool!2020-07-31T17:07:18+01:00

July 2020



Those who do not prefer to stay in the shade, will need sunscreens during summer sunbathing. Unfortunately, some of these non-mineral sunscreen products are not healthy for human health or the environment. Among the ingredients of these chemicals are so-called oxybenzones, one of the most commonly used chemicals in sunscreens. About 60% of non-mineral [...]


May 2020

Seal “Clean & Safe”


In times of the new coronavirus many of the tourist resorts with biological pools are concerned with how to reopen after this crisis. We recommend asking for the “Clean & Safe Establishment” seal for tourism companies, since there are already first destinations with biological pools that just received this distinction now in April. Companies [...]

Seal “Clean & Safe”2020-04-30T16:02:24+01:00

April 2020

Partition walls


In these days the newspapers showed photographs of the famous canals of Venice, but this time with crystal clear water with schools of fish clearly visible. It seems that the absence of traffic with motor boats, which permanently lift up sediments, made the water more transparent. That is, so much movement with boats keeps [...]

Partition walls2020-04-01T10:00:42+01:00
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