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April 2020

Partition walls


In these days the newspapers showed photographs of the famous canals of Venice, but this time with crystal clear water with schools of fish clearly visible. It seems that the absence of traffic with motor boats, which permanently lift up sediments, made the water more transparent. That is, so much movement with boats keeps [...]

Partition walls2020-04-01T10:00:42+01:00

February 2020

Springtime, time for cleaning


The first three months of the year are the most indicated time when basic cleaning of each biological pool must be done. After months of disuse, deposits, such as dust and leaves, naturally accumulate on the bottom of the swimming area. These must be removed before starting into the new swimming season. In biological [...]

Springtime, time for cleaning2020-02-02T10:47:24+00:00

December 2019

Cradle of amphibians


In the rainy season the biological pool becomes attractive to even more living beings. Much lower temperatures of this season and rain water falling from the sky encourage the willingness of salamanders and newts to initiate migrations in search of suitable places to meet for mating. Thus, on rainy nights the biological pool becomes [...]

Cradle of amphibians2019-11-28T10:52:44+00:00

November 2019

Pruning water lilies


In autumn some of our customers are concerned with the water lilies. The same plants that enchant us with their splendid beauty during the summer no longer show many leaves, no flowers but many yellow leaves. At this time of year the plants are preparing to hibernate, huddling at the bottom of the lake [...]

Pruning water lilies2019-10-23T14:43:43+01:00

October 2019

Renovation of swimming ponds


For more than two decades there have been biological pools in Portugal. Not surprisingly, some of the older ones deserve a new face or any kind of rejuvenation. Even if the biological treatment system works well, there may be reasons for rigorous pruning of plants, creating a new entrance or different access, a waterfront [...]

Renovation of swimming ponds2019-09-29T13:12:26+01:00

August 2019

Eco house with biological pool


As part of the course in civil construction at Gustave Eiffel Professional School in Lisbon, this model of an eco-house was born. The author of the work, Tomás Couto, is a student of this professional school and focused on his work to show the most sustainable and ecological practices. Because "thinking green is thinking [...]

Eco house with biological pool2019-08-01T11:08:00+01:00

Award in Canada


The public biological pool at Borden Park in Edmonton, Canada recently received the prestigious award for architectural innovation from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Congratulations to our colleagues and friends of the company Polyplan, GmbH in Germany, who designed this public pool with biological treatment. The architects of the gh3 company, Toronto, supervised [...]

Award in Canada2019-08-01T11:07:45+01:00

May 2019

Simply sublime


Ready for the first dives is the biggest biological pool in the country? With its 1,805 m2 water plan and a configuration never seen before, it creates an unmistakable setting for the 9 tourist houses with exclusive access to 9 private biological pools set in a large plant area. All of them belong to [...]

Simply sublime2019-05-01T09:34:08+01:00

Biodiversity day


Swimming ponds are celebrating every day the International Day of Biodiversity, which is every year May, 22nd. Swimming pools are acting as step-stone habitats for a lot of wetland related organisms like amphibians and water insects. In the Mediterranean landscape they are much more attractive for organisms than irrigation dams due to the transparent water. [...]

Biodiversity day2019-05-01T09:35:04+01:00

April 2019

Little Firemen


At our booth at the Sweet Potato Festival the young firefighters from Aljezur's body came along to inform about their activities. In the conversation we came quickly to the curious subject of biological pools, because of course, it totally attracted the little firemen's attention. We informed about functions, sizes and even prices. What made [...]

Little Firemen2019-03-30T15:48:57+00:00