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March 2024

World Wildlife Day


The United Nations (UN) proclaimed March 3rd as World Wildlife Day. The date coincides with the day on which, in 1973, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was signed. Therefore, this date aims to raise awareness about the world's wild animals and plants, celebrating the beauty, [...]

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February 2024

Cold bath


It has been known since ancient times that cold baths, regularly practiced, strengthen the immune system. There are always more fans of the so-called "cold bath", also among our customers, and biological pools are ideal equipments for this practice. For a cold bath, the water temperature should be below 11 ºC, which is really [...]

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December 2023

The allure of clear water


With some regularity we receive contacts to beautify or improve artificial ponds in urban parks. What at first glance seems like a good idea quickly reaches its limits. Because many times an improvement through biofiltration or plant beautification, which would make the pond water clearer and the scenery more beautiful, is not viable. For [...]

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End of the season


This year, Saint Martins summer offered us a very warm and long bathing season. Thus, excellent conditions to say goodbye to our biological pool in full action. And in the coming weeks, as we spend more time in the house, the biological pool becomes a sleeping beauty. Yes, it looks beautiful even with fewer [...]

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November 2023

A family of swimmers


A few years ago we worked on converting a large pond into a natural swimming pond for a family of competitive swimmers. The appearance of the swimming pond is very natural. The swimming lane is in the middle of the installation and allows entry from both ends. The use of a dark green liner [...]

A family of swimmers2023-10-30T11:06:48+00:00

Rewilding Gardens


The Bio Piscinas Lda team has always worked on bio-based solutions. Examples are ecological water treatment systems, whether for purifying bathing water or wastewater. New is the concept of Rewilding Gardens, which aims to restore the original vegetation of a location on garden level, respecting the limited space available there. Rewilding means enabling more [...]

Rewilding Gardens2023-10-30T11:15:46+00:00

October 2023

International Conference about Biopools


Biennially, experts in planning and building biological pools meet at the International Conference of Swimming Pools with Biological Treatment. The event is organized by IOB - International Organization of Naturalized Bathing Waters. The host of this 12th edition was the national association in Belgium and the place chosen for the international meeting was the [...]

International Conference about Biopools2023-09-30T14:14:23+01:00

September 2023

Hidden water


As designers of biological pools we have to think about water and its quality. Water is a natural resource. In Mediterranean climate, rain falls during the coldest half of the year and enriches groundwater resources. Plants help a lot with water infiltration. They are stopping the drips, and with their foliage they increase the [...]

Hidden water2023-08-31T12:19:27+01:00

August 2023



All biological pools are built by a construction company, our loyal partner for over 15 years. Over the course of this collaboration, more than 150 projects of biological swimming pools have been created in Portugal. The execution of each work, nowadays, is documented by modern means, and some of this videos can be seen [...]


July 2023

Holiday with swimming pond


With the arrival of summer, we are already thinking about vacations. Where are we going to spend the summer? In Portugal there are many beautiful beaches, so the choice is already difficult. And in addition there are many river beaches. An even lesser known offer are the biological swimming pools in tourist accommodation. However, [...]

Holiday with swimming pond2023-07-01T10:03:50+01:00
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