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May 2017

A Biological Pool in Our Town?


In order to decide whether or not to build a public Piscinas Biológicas®, it is necessary to carry out the analysis of a large set of constraints - called feasibility study. A feasibility study provides a first design, legal framework for the project and a first estimate of costs. It is used for presentations, [...]

A Biological Pool in Our Town?2017-05-25T14:17:23+01:00

Transform a Tank into a Bio Pool


For irrigation tanks or basins of a conventional pool out-of-use , we offer technical and biological solutions to transform the pre-existence into a Piscinas Biológicas®. A Piscinas Biológicas®, built in this way, does not require licensing and is comparatively economic due to the use of a pre-existing structure.   home [...]

Transform a Tank into a Bio Pool2017-05-25T14:17:40+01:00

Holiday with Piscinas Biológicas®


Already know the map of Portugal with Piscinas Biológicas® in tourist sites? Go on a bathing holiday in a Piscinas Biológicas®! More information here. Retrofit a conventional pool to a Piscinas Biológicas® Bio Piscinas, Lda. launches a new concept to offer an economically very interesting solution for all who have a traditional tank or pool [...]

Holiday with Piscinas Biológicas®2017-06-05T10:06:26+01:00

April 2017

Rosie Peddle


The first swim was a very special moment and we were able to use the pond straight away after the planting was completed. Since then, the pond has been an integral part of our lives, being able to swim every day became part of our routine. I love being able to see the plants [...]

Rosie Peddle2017-07-09T11:36:17+01:00
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