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May 2022

Common essentials


What is and what is not a biological pool? - This question now has an answer that is valid all over the world. Nacional associations of designers and builders of biological pools from several countries on five continents have launched the "common essentials", about what is a pool with biological treatment. The general assembly [...]

Common essentials2022-05-01T11:56:47+01:00

Promoting the aquatic world


Since always it is a pleasure for the designers at Bio Piscinas, Lda to reveal the mysteries and beauty of aquatic life. The 2022 Ethnobotanical Days (Jornadas Etobotânicas)  in Amendoeira da Serra, Mértola, organized by Montícola, association for sustainable development and nature conservation, was one of the last opportunities. The workshop on aquatic plants and [...]

Promoting the aquatic world2022-05-01T11:53:48+01:00

April 2022

Versatil robot


This is the only robot designed from start directly for use in biological pools. It's not just a robot, it's much more. Due to the modular composition this device is two in one. It can be used as a hand-operated vacuum cleaner with a telescopic sweeper or vacuum the bottom of the bathing area [...]

Versatil robot2022-03-28T11:52:16+01:00

March 2022

World water day


"The planet's water resources face an unprecedented threat", says the United Nations on the occasion of the World Water Day, on March 22. "Currently, about 2.2 billion people do not have access to clean water and 4, 2 billion  live without adequate sanitation. The effects of climate change are expected to increase these numbers [...]

World water day2022-02-28T15:03:04+00:00

February 2022

Cradle of biodiversity


It is an accepted fact that biological pools are habitats for amphibians and many other aquatic living beings. This photo of a caterpillar reveals that other types of animals also take advantage of these poles of biodiversity. The photo was sent by an owner of a biological pool, along with the question if this [...]

Cradle of biodiversity2022-01-30T11:23:11+00:00

World wetlands day


February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. This day aims to raise awareness of the protection and preservation of wetlands and underline the importance they have for the existence of life on our planet. This year is the first time that it will be celebrated as an international day of the United Nations (UN), following [...]

World wetlands day2022-01-30T11:05:29+00:00

December 2021

Nothing grows without light


The photo shows a ditch in an artificial stream we made a few years ago, the task was to beautify the ditch with plants. And we did it, creating an unusual environment. The underwater plants installed on this ditch grow even in the darkness of a winery in Alto Alentejo. They grow well, produce [...]

Nothing grows without light2021-12-01T10:06:20+00:00

Guide for sustainable construction in tourist developments


"Adopting strategies and practices conducive to economic and environmental sustainability is a sure step to strengthen the competitiveness of the business of tourist developments and contribute, in a decisive manner, to making Portugal an increasingly eco-efficient destination, capable of ensuring the enjoyment of future generations. assets that distinguish us today." This intention is found [...]

Guide for sustainable construction in tourist developments2021-12-01T10:05:17+00:00

Western Spadefoot


Spring is the time for frogs. It is the time when the singing for mating activity in lakes as well as in biological pools begin. But not all amphibian species wait until spring. The Western Spadefoot, Pelobates cultripes, is an example of these. This species starts looking in autumn for waters as birthplace for the next [...]

Western Spadefoot2021-12-01T10:03:28+00:00

November 2021



Watching an otter is a very difficult task. They are shy mammals with twilight or night activity. But they are visitors to some biological pools in Southwest Portugal, as this photo shows, which shows otter waste on the shore. Otters are clean animals, leaving their feces on the bank and not in the water, [...]

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