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July 2023

Gray or green?


Gray and green are the colors available for the lining of biological pools. It is a noble material, produced for the purpose and certified for potable water. This is an important fact, because we have to use materials that, by guarantee, do not emit any products to the aquatic ecosystem of the biological pool. [...]

Gray or green?2023-07-01T10:33:20+01:00

Water vole


The water vole (Arvicula sapidus) is not a rat. It looks more like a small beaver than a mouse and actually behaves like one. Water voles have rounder noses than voles, dark brown fur, chubby faces and short, fluffy ears, unlike voles, their tails, paws and ears are covered with fur. The problem is finding [...]

Water vole2023-07-01T13:33:57+01:00

June 2023

Complexity of work


Compared to the simplicity of building an ornamental garden pond, building a biological pool is a very complex task. The mere fact that several and very different materials are used, requires a team of qualified and experienced personnel. In addition to the technical application of the waterproofing liner and aquatic plants of exclusively indigenous [...]

Complexity of work2023-06-01T10:14:54+01:00

International swimming pond day


June 17th is International Natural Pool Day. In this context, the International Organization of Biologically Treated Swimming Pools (IOB) organizes a photo contest of great moments next to a biological swimming pool in the last 12 months. You can share your best moment of last year with other fans of biological pools. In the [...]

International swimming pond day2023-06-01T09:53:49+01:00

May 2023

Ponds without fish


Portugal is one of the countries in Europe where fish is very important, whether in the sea or on the plate. Freshwater fish are less appreciated, either in rivers or on plates. What about fish in ponds or small lakes? In principle there are no. There are species of freshwater fish introduced in Portugal, [...]

Ponds without fish2023-05-02T09:17:23+01:00

Invasive plantas


Few people know that invasive plants are one of Portugal's biggest problems, whether in an ecological or economic context. As the website www.invasoras.pt informs, Portuguese legislation recognized the seriousness of this problem, in 1999, a law regulated for the first time, in a comprehensive way, the introduction into nature of non-indigenous (exotic) species and [...]

Invasive plantas2023-05-02T09:15:01+01:00

April 2023

Ready for a splash?


In biological pools the water temperature is slowly rising, but the aquatic plants still need a few days with more than 16ºC water temperature to launch new shoots. At the beginning of the season, to ensure that algae do not proliferate, collective cooperation and ecological interrelations between organisms constitute the complex process of biological [...]

Ready for a splash?2023-04-01T10:55:32+01:00

The emperor


The emperor of the biological pool is not a frog, the emperor is a dragonfly. Anax imperator, thus the scientific name, is one of the largest species on the continent where it is abundant from North to South. The male is dressed in bright turquoise blue colors, and is tirelessly in flight above the [...]

The emperor2023-04-01T10:55:06+01:00

February 2023



A pre-requirement for successful design work on biological pools is always  a water analysis as detailed as possible. Everyone who deals with water analysis knows this: a water analysis comes from the laboratory and now the study begins. No successful project can do without the analysis of filling water and its correct interpretation. The [...]


December 2022

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