It has been known since ancient times that cold baths, regularly practiced, strengthen the immune system. There are always more fans of the so-called “cold bath”, also among our customers, and biological pools are ideal equipments for this practice.

For a cold bath, the water temperature should be below 11 ºC, which is really cold. The cold water causes that body heat accumulates in the central part, with this effect hands and feet quickly become cold. It is recommended to wear warm clothes after cold bathing, warm socks and a woolen hat, in case of doubt, to keep extremities of the body warm.

Anyone who feels inclined towards this experience can start slowly with short times in the water, it is recommended that the head is always kept out of the water. Breathe well during bathing and only practice a few strokes in the cold water. It is important to highlight that anyone who is unsure whether a cold bath is suitable for them should consult their family doctor so as not to risk their health.

Anyone who says that biological pools are out of use during winter is wrong.