Beyond the swim

A biological swimming pool (Piscina Biológica®) is much more than the sum of its constituent elements. It’s alive. It offers more than just the possibility of bathing in it. It changes the look by the seasons. It’s different every day. It allows you to get in touch with nature in an extraordinary way, diving with the frogs, smelling the flowers of water lilies, enchanting nature lovers and beyond.

A biological swimming pool (Piscina Biológica®) as an environmentally friendly alternative, it is like with the electric car and the car with combustion engine: the biological swimming pool  has not yet reached the degree of familiarity in the general public which it deserves.

Even if you do not want or can now implement your own biological swimming pool, talk to friends that this alternative exists!

A biological swimming pool is applied biotechnology. It’s the future, today.