Frogs, newts, dragonflies, swallows drinking water… the natural life next to the biological pool is widely known. But it’s not the whole range, because when the sun disappears, the team changes. The night creatures come.

The beginning of the change can be noticed through a detail. There are no longer dragonflies in flight, with one exception. There, along the reeds on the bank, is flying a single specimen, a large dragonfly.

It is the Twilight Dragonfly, the only nocturnal dragonfly species in Europe.

The darkness advances and we almost lose sight of the insect. But what is this? A large, very elegant flying bird is silently approaching the surface of the water, in the middle of the biological pool. The artist is able to hover above the surface when he drinks the water. It is the nightjar that begins its nocturnal life to quench its thirst.

It’s still not completely dark, but we have to look for a view of the lake that catches a good part of the sky still lit by a remnant of sun rays while the central star had disappeared behind the horizon for more than half an hour. Bats are very punctual and here comes the common pipistrelle. It flies by very fast, touches the water to drink an amount equivalent to its tiny size and is gone.

The passage of the common pipistrelle marks the end of the spectacle of the night creatures with wings by the biological pool.