The “classic” biological pool is reminiscent of a natural lake. Here, the plant area and the bathing area form a single water table.

There are many other variants. One of them we can call biopool, since it is much more resembling a conventional swimming pool. In this configuration, the bathing area can be much larger than the plant area, since a good part of the treatment is ensured by biological filters through which the water from the biological pool passes driven by a circulation.

The bathing area could also be completely separated from the plant area as shown in the picture. In this case, the water overflows from the bathing area to the plant area by an infinity-edge on three sides of the bathing basin. An external biological filter, connected to the water circulation, is an integral part of the biological water treatment system.

The advantage of the concept of a biopool is that they might fit more easily in places with limited space available. But the reduced size does not mean that they are more economical than swimming ponds of classic configuration.

Which option is best for a project depends on many factors. In addition to customer preferences, all the conditions of the project and the site must be taken into account for the quality of bathing water, among others, the filling water quality, the available space, the environment on site and the maximum number of users.