With BC+ equipment you and the specialists of Bio Piscinas, Lda. receive signals of the water quality of your biological pool. From now on the BC+ is available for purchase or rental. This is a probe that measures the hourly temperature, pH, conductivity and redox value of the biological pool water. It can be installed in a tube of the filtration system or so as to float in the water of the biological pool.

From now on, each new biological pool receives this equipment. Customers who already own their biological pool can rent the equipment.

Who wants to buy the equipment pays € 571.34. Prices include IVA, equipment, data transmission and online surveillance by specialists of Bio Piscinas, Lda. From the second year the value for surveillance is € 134.69, or 37 cents per day.

In addition to the service of providing current data from the biological pool to specialists, the owner’s smartphone can also receive data acquired by BC+.

The data, recorded from hour to hour, enter a database allowing a calculation of more indicator values ​​for the current quality of the water or for its development in the near future.

With the BC+ the time of remote control of the quality of water in the biological pools begins.

For more information, send an email to SHB, Lda.