October 2021

On the way to Africa


It is now, in the months of September and October, when we come across birds by the biological pool that are not there for most time of the year. They are small, not very shy and do what the resident birds do not know how to do, they are perching or climbing a reed [...]

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New type of wooden jetty


A new type of wooden jetty is presented, developed by the team at Bio Piscinas, Lda. and carried out by experienced specialists from SHB, Lda.  The new wooden jetty model applies to new constructions as well as in cases of renovation of existing wooden jetties. The new wooden jetty combines wood and aluminum. Aluminum [...]

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Attention! Fraud!


"Piscinas biológicas", what means Biological pools, is a brand of great value and reputation in the country. Piscina biológica, our expression invented almost 30 years ago with the intention of finding a name for our product and since then associated with the work of an experienced team designing high quality projects. The product is [...]

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August 2021

Holiday with bio pool


Holiday. Finally! It seems to be the most estimated station ever. We dream of refreshing dives to recharge our batteries, whether in the sea or in the water of a river or stream, to relax body and mind. Those who prefer the last have one more alternative. A dive in a biological pool! The [...]

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Between mid-August and mid-September we will be on diving station ... holiday with biopool! We ask for your understanding that we cannot answer phone calls or respond e-mails during this time. We'll be back to surface in September. Until then, good baths! home / news [...]


Freshwater fish


The few freshwater species that exist in Portugal live in streams or flowing rivers, in other words, in conditions that are very different from those of a biological pool. Almost all of them are registered in the Red List, because they are rare and the destruction of their habitat and/or the pollution of streams [...]

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July 2021

Harvest of water lilies


One kilogram of fresh aquatic plant biomass contains 1 gram of phosphorus. As phosphorus is the limiting element for algae growth in an aquatic ecosystem, we can say that collecting and composting 1 kg of withered water lily leaves and flowers exports 1 g of phosphorus out of the biological pool ecosystem. In theory, [...]

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Enchanted frogs


The mere fact that amphibians sing, especially frogs, is widely known. Frogs in biological pools are no exception. But why do they sing? The season of most concert activity is obviously spring. For many of the species there is a direct link between water temperature and song intensity. Singing takes a lot of energy [...]

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Admiring the underwater world is something that many people would love to do, but not all of them want to place their heads underwater. It would be necessary to wear a mask, to see everything. But to stay underwater for more than a minute you already need scuba diving equipment that weighs in kilograms [...]


June 2021

History of taking bath


Over the millennia, humanity bathed in natural waters, simply because there was no other. The lower population density living in the landscapes of yore and the absence of contamination allowed this, in some parts of the world until today. Thus, one took a bath without concern. The first “pools” were invented 3,000 years before [...]

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