November 2022

Always the same, always different


Water mirrors in the landscape have magical effects. Whether by day or by night, they reflect the light and their surroundings, they are duplicating the beauty of landscape and sky that extends above them. Depending on the angle, weather and time of day, the effect changes. And it surprises us, every time again. Thus, [...]

Always the same, always different2022-10-27T17:14:06+01:00

Restoring forests


Forests are the lungs of the world, and indigenous forests, with the site's original species composition, are the best for helping mitigate effects of global warming. In addition, they are home to a huge biodiversity of plants and animals. There are also nature-based solutions for restoring forests, for which we are specialists. We have [...]

Restoring forests2022-10-27T17:08:18+01:00

Little king frogs


Late summer is when they appear. From one day to the next they are there, visible, with no explanation of where all of a sudden so many tiny frogs come from. Sometimes no bigger than the fingernail, they already behave like the big ones, they know how to jump and swim perfectly. They like [...]

Little king frogs2022-10-27T16:33:35+01:00

October 2022

Bacteria in biological pools


The hygienic purity of water is essential for the success of biological pools. In some biological swimming pools for tourist use, it is confirmed monthly by regular analyses. Bio Piscinas, Lda. recommends that all tourist units with biological pool carry out this self-control of their own volition, despite the absence of a legal obligation [...]

Bacteria in biological pools2022-10-04T15:27:22+01:00

Bird observation


Biological pools are true bird observatories. Pete Downs' photo proves that a biological pool attracts the most varied species of birds. This little egret visits the photographer's biological pool, attracted by the croaking frogs and took the time to inspect the banks. Birds come to biological pools to quench their thirst and kingfishers look [...]

Bird observation2022-10-04T15:21:00+01:00

September 2022

On vacation


August, the usual vacation month, is over, but we still haven't taken our summer vacation. We inform you that Bio Piscinas Lda. will be on vacation in September. As a result, we will be less accessible by phone and email than usual and will eventually respond less quickly to requests. We ask for your [...]

On vacation2022-08-30T15:52:02+01:00

Freshwater shrimp


Few know that there are freshwater shrimp in Portugal. Inhabits rivers and streams. There are records in the center of the country, in the limestone areas  north of Lisbon and it is relatively common in the streams of the Algarve. Atyaephyra desmarestii, as scientists call it, is naturally distributed in the western Mediterranean. The [...]

Freshwater shrimp2022-08-30T15:49:46+01:00

Escape the fire


We are really very sad to pass on this information. One of the most famous tourism facilities with a biological pool has suffered from fire damage already twice, in 2017 and again this year, 2022. Thanks to the water reserve of the biological pool and its own fire-fighting equipment, they managed to save the [...]

Escape the fire2022-08-30T15:50:19+01:00

August 2022

Tourism with swimming pond


Every year the number of tourisms with biological pools increases in Portugal and with it also the offer of Holiday with biological pools. This year makes no exception. At the foot of Serra de Estrela, near Covilhã, the Quinta da Sr.ª Marrocas opened its doors and the biological pool. This tourism is located in the countryside [...]

Tourism with swimming pond2022-07-28T11:36:02+01:00

In the middle nature


Surrounded by large trees, occupying almost all the available space in the clearing, there is placed the biological swimming pool for tourist use of casas rurales Valle del Arroyo. Here, nature is not just the background, it is present at all times. We stay close to the water and wonderfully we are able to [...]

In the middle nature2022-07-28T11:39:14+01:00
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