September 2020



September is the month when water is most lacking in nature. The lakes and dams have a very low level, even some are already dry, and in the streams there is little water left. This is the time when the kingfisher starts to appear next to the biological pools. Since he finds a place [...]


250 biopools in 25 years


We celebrate 25 years of biological swimming pools. In the last few years we have acted with more creativity than ever. We invented new concepts and designed really extraordinary projects across the country and some beyond. Above all, the tourism sector allows to dream big. We designed a biological swimming pool for tourist use [...]

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August 2020

Rare spieces


There are few rare species of aquatic plants. Many of them have a large distribution from North to South in Europe and even some are found naturally on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean or from Portugal to Siberia. This is explained by the adaptation of aquatic plants to live in or at the [...]

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Designing swimming ponds since 25 years


In this interview Udo Schwarzer, biologist, talks about his work with biological pools, which have been a story of success for 25 years. Water is important to you because ...? It's life. What was the first biological pool that you designed? A successful challenge. What distinguishes designs from the early days from today? The [...]

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Holiday at home … with biological pool!


Since there is a place that allows you to cool off, holiday at home don't seem like such a bad option. You avoid hours in the car, slow traffic, crowded beaches, long lines and, finally, the crowd of others. Without a doubt, it is a more ecological and sustainable variant to spend your vacation [...]

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July 2020



Plant growth is essential for the ecosystem in a biological pool. Well growing plants incorporate nutrients diluted in water and are thus the natural competitors of algae. Well-developed aquatic vegetation is the basis for bathing  water quality. Like terrestrial plants, aquatic plants also release a lot of oxygen during the day. In well-oxygenated water, [...]


New robot available


The new robot BioVac PC XL cleans and hoovers the bottom of biological pools with a program of  2 hours. Program selection "Floor" or "Floor and mechanically pre-cleaned wall" via a selection switch, suitable for all biological pool configurations. Easy to use: no bag, no hose. Easy access to filter from above to the [...]

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Those who do not prefer to stay in the shade, will need sunscreens during summer sunbathing. Unfortunately, some of these non-mineral sunscreen products are not healthy for human health or the environment. Among the ingredients of these chemicals are so-called oxybenzones, one of the most commonly used chemicals in sunscreens. About 60% of non-mineral [...]


June 2020

International Swimming Pond Day


The International Swimming Pond Day is Saturday, June 20, 2020. To commemorate this International Day, IOB, the international organization of professionals for pools with biological treatment and Bio Piscinas, Lda. invite everyone to send an image of their own biological pool (or the one used on holidays with swimming pond), with or without bathers, [...]

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Holidays with swimming pond, for sure!


It's time to schedule summer holidays. Holidays with swimming pond, of course! Get inspired here on our map of accommodations with biological pool. The new COVID-19 virus does not like being outside the human body, nor does it like the aquatic environment very much. There are still few studies with viruses in biological pools, [...]

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