Gray and green are the colors available for the lining of biological pools. It is a noble material, produced for the purpose and certified for potable water. This is an important fact, because we have to use materials that, by guarantee, do not emit any products to the aquatic ecosystem of the biological pool.

The question “gray or green?” everyone who already has a biological swimming pool knows, since the choice of color is fundamental for the appearance of the water color in a biological swimming pool. The hue of the water will not be gray or green, because in addition to the color of the liner, it must be taken into account that the transparent water covers the liner, which changes the appearance. Thus, the appearance of the lining depends on the color of the sky, the time of day and the angle at which the sun hits the surface of the water and, finally, the point of observation. In other words, there are more factors determining the appearance of water in a biological pool than just the color of the liner.

In general, it can be said that the green color of the liner helps frame the biological pool in a decent way in the general tones of the Portuguese landscape. The olive green color is the dominant hue in the Mediterranean landscape. Lining with gray color makes the water bluer, a more decent and slightly dark color, but still very natural.

Customers with a biological pool in the countryside often choose the color green, for landscape reasons. The gray color is preferred for those who build a biological pool with more architectural layouts or a biopool type in a more urban context. After all, there is also the possibility of combining the two, technically it is possible. This way the bathing area can be highlighted with the gray color and the green color if chosen for the plant area.