What is and what is not a biological pool? – This question now has an answer that is valid all over the world. Nacional associations of designers and builders of biological pools from several countries on five continents have launched the “common essentials”, about what is a pool with biological treatment. The general assembly of the International Organization for Natural Bathing Waters (IOB), the international federation of all national associations, voted on this definition at its 11th International Conference pools with biological water treatment in Albufeira last year.

In short, biologically treated pools are nature-based solutions, designed by experts to copy water treatment principles as they exist in nature. They want to meet the requirements of a circular economy, treating water exclusively using biological and mechanical processes to reduce nutrients. Any disinfecting agents and other unnatural methods of water treatment such as biocides and machines implemented to kill life are strictly not allowed.

With these definitions of Common Essentials, all “hybrid” pools are explicitly omitted, that is, pools with conventional treatment that only pretend to be biological.

The full official English version of the common essentials can be consulted at IOB website, click here.