Compared to the simplicity of building an ornamental garden pond, building a biological pool is a very complex task. The mere fact that several and very different materials are used, requires a team of qualified and experienced personnel. In addition to the technical application of the waterproofing liner and aquatic plants of exclusively indigenous species, there are different substrates, rocks, stones to be placed in the correct shape, constructions in blocks or wood and equipment to be installed technically correctly, such as pumps and electronic and digital sensors.

Currently, the group of companies that carry out the biological pools consists of about twenty people. The team includes bricklayers, carpenters, gardeners and a civil engineer in charge of the works. He has to manage the execution of each biological pool in a way that personnel, transports and respective materials and progress of the execution are well synchronized and proceed at a good pace. While in one job the plants have already been delivered and planted, in another job the excavation has already begun and in a third the welding team has just placed the last pieces of liner.

The execution of each work is meticulously documented by films and photos, many of which arrive daily at the office of the designers of the biological pools in order to be able to follow the progress of all the works in progress at all times.

At the end of each work, when everything is in its place and the biological pool is planted, cleaned and filled with clear water, the handing-over of the work is scheduled. The clients, the construction engineer and the designers gather for a visit to assess the work done. And then? Have a good swim!