Biennially, experts in planning and building biological pools meet at the International Conference of Swimming Pools with Biological Treatment. The event is organized by IOB – International Organization of Naturalized Bathing Waters. The host of this 12th edition was the national association in Belgium and the place chosen for the international meeting was the city of Mechelen, north of Brussels.

On the first day there was a rally of visits to biologically treated swimming pools in the region, from private projects to projects for public use. They all have in common the water treatment system exclusively by biological means, even if this is not always visible at first glance.

In addition to the presentation program covering news and innovations in the biological pool sector over two days, there was also a small fair with exhibitors selling equipment and other interesting systems for the market specializing in biological water treatments, as well as equipments for cleaning, maintenance or monitoring of constructed facilities.

For some years now, there is the PONDY award, a competition for biological pool design. The final election, best of three nominees, is always made by the lecturers, after pre-selection by an international jury of experts in the field. The award exists for four categories, natural pool, private biological pool, biological pool for tourist use and biological pool for public use. The nominees can be found on the IOB page.