I am very grateful for the course of our lives that allowed me to dedicate my professional life to working with biological water treatment systems, or, in other words, to the area of water depollution. And I really enjoy preserving and protecting this precious asset, it gives me immense pleasure.

Water is my element, I like to swim, touch, hear and see it. It has always been like that. Therefore, World Water Day is increasingly important to me. In my childhood, I imagined that a large swimming pool started right outside my bedroom window and I dreamed of the possibility of diving from the threshold of my window into a large swimming pool, which in my imagination was not blue, but a large plane of water that extended .

I work in this area together with my husband Udo Schwarzer and we form a beautiful team for 30 years now. I confess that I am more than grateful that I had this opportunity. At that time not even the word of bio-based solutions existed. But our good training allowed us to accept and develop this challenging work.

I never imagined that our pioneering and innovative work would one day create so many jobs. Meanwhile, our network of companies that make up the Grupo Piscinas Biologicas employs 20 people!

And among them we have everything you need to carry out a project for a biological pool. A planning team, which prepares the design and the complete project and has its own laboratory to analyze the most important component in a biological pool, the water. A civil construction team, which has all the specialists in the various construction arts, including liner welding, as well as the administration and logistics department. And, finally, the nurserymen who dedicate themselves to the production, delivery and planting of aquatic species that are so important in a biological pool. Not forgetting the maintenance team made up of professional divers who help to keep all the biological pools in good condition.

Each and every one of us counts, only as a team we can achieve these wonderful results that enchant not only our customers and just across the country. I am extremely happy that we are already such a big and dedicated team.

World Water Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of March. I wanted to celebrate this special day this time with a big THANK YOU to each and every one of our great team for their dedication and the beautiful work they do every day!