Swimming ponds are celebrating every day the International Day of Biodiversity, which is every year May, 22nd.

Swimming pools are acting as step-stone habitats for a lot of wetland related organisms like amphibians and water insects. In the Mediterranean landscape they are much more attractive for organisms than irrigation dams due to the transparent water.

To create these conditions, the designers of biological pools have to stay more or less close to all the examples natural wetlands offer (in terms of biological interaction in-between living beings and between living beings and non-living natural compounds).

The results offer a lot of possibilities for the users to have encounters with all kind of organisms being attracted as well by the new water spot: all kinds of amphibians, water related reptiles like water snakes and tortoises, a lot of insects and their larvae like dragonflies and songbirds coming to drink or having a quick bath. The experience of “swimming with the frogs” makes part of the marvelous world of biological pools  and brings the users quite close to nature.