In this interview Udo Schwarzer, biologist, talks about his work with biological pools, which have been a story of success for 25 years.

Water is important to you because …? It’s life.

What was the first biological pool that you designed? A successful challenge.

What distinguishes designs from the early days from today? The availability of many more materials of much better quality.

What are the three words that characterize your current style? Nature, nature, nature.

What material do you especially love? Plants, the most underestimated living beings.

Who or what most influenced your work? Nature. I have no other option than to repeat it.

What does beauty mean to you? An unexpected moment of full admiration for nature.

What is the intangible salary for your job? The joy we provide to our customers.

Your vision for the future of biological pools? They will replace all conventional pools.

Is there anything typical and distinctive about your biological pools? We strictly follow what nature teaches us in the very place of the implantation of the biological pool.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Tenochtitlán, capital of the Aztec empire before the arrival of the Spanish, with 300,000 inhabitants in the year 1519. This city was fully implanted in a large natural lake and had systems for collecting and treating waste and effluents so effective that the lake around it was not dirty. That is, 5 centuries ago they already had what no modern city can achieve. So I would  travel to learn from the ancient Indians.