Wastewater Treatment Through Plants

Bio Piscinas, Lda. has been working since the beginning in the area of ​​the elaboration of projects of natural systems of waste water treatment.

The treatment process with ETAP ensures, as a result, water of sufficient quality to be able to be released into the environment, without negative impacts. The water treated in an ETAP is transparent, odorless, harmless to the health and very clear appearance. It can be infiltrated into the soil, released into water lines or streams, or reused for irrigation purposes, without any danger to groundwater, groundwater and water supply.

An ETAP provides a suitable form of treatment for domestic wastewater from farmhouses and small isolated clumps, allowing maximum protection of the most important natural resource, water.

In Portugal there are already about 80 Sewage Treatment Plants

Through Plants (ETAP) for private houses and tourist enterprises, housing estates, environmental centers and schools, treating the effluents from 2 to 200 inhabitants, as well for wine cellars and dairies.

ETAP has the advantage of being easily applied in situations in rural areas.

Advantages of the ETAP system:

  • Perfect landscape integration in nature and landscape through a built wetland (reed).
  • Local solution: no need to connect to the public water treatment system.
  • Low maintenance costs: no need to use power to keep ETAP running. Maintenance is minimal.
  • Optimum yields due to the self-regulation of the installed bio-technology.
  • Effective debugging: yield according to legislation.
  • Longevity: for domestic wastewater, the longevity is more than 50 years.