The calendar summer has already arrived, summer with higher temperatures that encourage for swimming will also come, sooner or later. Time to think about holiday! Those who go to the coast are dreaming of refreshing dips in the ocean waves. Those who go to the interior looking for more naturalized bathing, know beaches on the rivers and the large dams that exist throughout the country. One more option are biological pools in tourist accommodation. However, there are already many throughout Portugal (see map). Every year the number  increases and with it the offer for holidays with swimming ponds as well.

Diving in naturalized water, free from chemical additives, can be a new experience on vacation or beyond. The eyes do not burn and the skin does not dry out. Bathing in soft water, smelling the water lily flowers (yes, it does smell!), observing aquatic life and the production of oxygen through macrophyte plants is part of the entertainment that a biological pool naturally offers. Nice holidays!