With the arrival of summer, we are already thinking about vacations. Where are we going to spend the summer? In Portugal there are many beautiful beaches, so the choice is already difficult. And in addition there are many river beaches. An even lesser known offer are the biological swimming pools in tourist accommodation. However, there are already many in Portugal  (see map). Every year this offer of Holidays with biological pools grows and some even have openings for the summer.

There are biological swimming pools for tourist use scattered throughout the country, in farms in the countryside, some with organic farming, even centenary houses that promote sustainability or hold events, canvas hotels and Glamping-type campsites, in hotels in the North and in the Algarve, in Luxury Resorts as well as in small and large tourist houses. And as different as the places of accommodation, so different are the biological pools designed for these places, whether in configuration, finishes, different materials and different styles. But what they all have in common is their naturalized water, treated exclusively by biological means.

Diving in natural water, free of chemical additives, can be an impressive new experience on big vacations or short weekend getaways. Bathing in soft waters, smelling the water lily flowers, observing the aquatic life and the production of oxygen through macrophytic plants is part of the fun that a biological pool naturally offers. The eyes do not sting and the skin does not dry out.

Happy holidays and have nice swim!