We are really very sad to pass on this information. One of the most famous tourism facilities with a biological pool has suffered from fire damage already twice, in 2017 and again this year, 2022. Thanks to the water reserve of the biological pool and its own fire-fighting equipment, they managed to save the houses of the development for the second time, as informed by owner Catarina Vieira.

But there is a lot of damage, unfortunately. We are very sorry to hear that Chão do Rio tourism – village tourism, has to close its doors for the next six weeks, at least.

We want to encourage everyone who wants to support Chão do Rio, please do not hesitate to book your reservations for the time after reopening, to show your solidarity. The site and the biological pool are beautiful, as the actual photo shows. Thanks!

Chão do Rio – village tourism, Travancinha, Seia.