“Piscinas biológicas”, what means Biological pools, is a brand of great value and reputation in the country. Piscina biológica, our expression invented almost 30 years ago with the intention of finding a name for our product and since then associated with the work of an experienced team designing high quality projects. The product is bathing water quality where you can swim without risk to your health. It is the responsibility of the designer not to play with the health of their clients. Thus, a biological pool is much more than just a “pitch with a liner and water”.

And as with other prestigious brands, unfortunately more and more, there are people, not concerned about the damage they cause, trying to make “business” by abusing the good name of the product.

Here comes a serious warning to anyone interested in having a biological pool built. People are out there withdrawing money from customers who in good faith hire a company or individual to build a biological pool. Lately, reports are increasing that after payment and some “construction” these people disappear with the money and without having completed the work.

The increase in these cases of fraud makes us very concerned, as it happens with the abuse of the good name of our product.

What can you do? There is a golden rule how to dismantle these people without sufficient experience in the area. Ask for a project first and don’t start work on construction right away. Anyone who does not provide in writing, in the first planning phase of the project, an evaluation and interpretation of the water to be used as filling water for the biological pool and how to configure the biological treatment system based on this, knows nothing about the subject.

One can also ask for references. But in this case, it is important to clarify with the owners of the reference projects that the authors and builders of the reference project were the people who presented this reference project.

The companies that work professionally in the area are all linked to the national association of professionals in the area, in the case of Portugal, the Iberian Group of Naturalized Bathing Waters GIABN, which in turn is part of the international association IOB.