There are currently two lines of potential financial support by Portugal 2020 programs for biological pools, SI2E and PDR2020.

The last is the Rural Development Program, operation, Diversification in the Exploitation of Agricultural Activities. Of course, this program is only accessible to natural or legal persons engaged in agricultural activity. Ideal would be an agro tourism that wants to expand the offer through tourism and the biological pool would be one of the components of the project. The idea of ​​this program is “to encourage the development, on farms, of activities other than the production, processing or marketing of agricultural products by creating new sources of income and employment …”. Maximum aid limit: 150,000 Euro. Legislation: Portaria n.º 152,2016, de 25 de maio, Portaria n.º 249/2016 de 15 de setembro, Portaria n.º 238/2017 de 28 de julho e Portaria n.º 46/2018 de 12 de fevereiro.

Another possibility, open to other activities, excluding the agricultural sector, is the Incentive System for Entrepreneurship and Employment (SI2E) with a maximum amount per application of 100,000 Euro. Here it is mandatory to create a job. See Portaria n.º 105/2017, de 10 de Março e a Portaria n.º 178/2018 de 20 de junho.

This information does not exempt the consultation of the legislation in force.