Extraordinary sites need extraordinary solutions.
For this biological pool the client dreamed of framing it in a certain position with the house to be visible from living room and terrace and to be aligned with the best view it has. In this pre-chosen location there were already some rocks, more or less huge, and a rocky outcrop of some dimension. We evaluated this hypothesis and accepted this site for the implantation of the biological pool.
We were able to implant the biological pool between the rocks that allowed us to create a large swimming lane that ends with an infinity overflow, always taking advantage of the rocky outcrop as a backdrop. One great boulder remained where it has been for thousands of years. The plant zone surrounds the rock like a natural sculpture in the center of the water table and thus in the center of attention.
What seems relatively simple in a designed project format has become a major challenge in the execution phase. But SHB, Lda’s experienced team, which executes all biological pool projects, solved all this with dedication, expertise and know-how. Seeing the result we can see that all effort was worth while!