How to build

A Piscina Biológica® offers much more than the possibility of bathing: it values the property, beautifies the garden and allows a meeting with nature in an extraordinary way.

To achieve the dream of a Piscina Biológica® on your property, it is necessary to develop a project suitable for the place. Experienced designers at Bio Piscinas, Lda. will recognize the potential of your property and from there, you will be able to visualize the characteristics of your Piscina Biológica®.

It will then be designed an individualized project according to your ideas and inserted in a harmonious way on the ground.

In the first phase of the project, possible configurations will be presented for the Piscina Biológica®. Subsequently, in the dialogue phase with the client, the final solution is defined, which is the basis for drawing up the execution project with all the necessary technical details.

Once the project has been drawn up, you can move on to the next step, which is to contact a company that can carry out the work of the Piscina Biológica®. It is advisable to choose an experienced company in the area, that is, specialized in the execution of Piscina Biológica® and with the capacity to solve any type of problem that may arise during the execution of the work.

Such a company is SHB, Lda., in the field of construction, assumes all responsibility for the execution of the work, from the implementation of the project designed on the ground, monitoring of the work, waterproofing with special liners for Piscina Biológica®, work with stone and wood, finishes In the garden or arrangements surrounding the Piscina Biológica®.

The plants used in the Piscinas Biológica® are produced for the purpose in a nursery specialized in the Algarve. It is a production of indigenous aquatic plants exclusively for use in Piscina Biológica®.