The floating public biological swimming pool

The principle of JANGUISCINA, a floating biological swimming pool,  is very simple: the bathing area and leisure areas are floating in a dam or a calm cove of a river, in a species of marina with an integrated swimming basin. In this way, two precious resources – the land needed for the installation and the water – are available in abundance and without great costs. The filter unit is installed on the ground or can also float. The pleasure of bathing happens in the middle of the water. A JANGUISCINA works as a biological swimming pool: a bath compartment provides space for bathers and offers bathing water according to applicable legislation. The water of a biological swimming pool is exclusively treated by biological and mechanical processes to ensure biological and hygienic quality in a sustainable and gilding way.

The bath compartment is enclosed in a prefabricated structure made of steel and wood. The modules are mounted in place and stabilized in the water by floating elements. To this modular structure is added a large terrace with a final finish of the marine type.

Access to JANGUISCINA is done through a floating platform. This allows to install this type of public biological swimming pool, even in those dams that suffer from a sharp oscillation of the water mirror throughout the year. The purification of the bathing water is assured by the filters of the company Polyplan and through additional aquacultures developed by Bio Piscinas, Lda.