However, there are several biological swimming pool projects for tourist use in the country that serve for daily capacity of dozens to hundreds of people. Some of these tourist developments have our service as an accompaniment by the designers during the first years. These monitoring projects serve as a side to implement the correct management and maintenance of the biological pool. On the other hand, they serve to learn how the ecosystem works, its particularities and requirements. This is new to the maintenance teams in tourist enterprises.

Regular monitoring of plant and ecosystem development, the proper functioning of the biological treatment system, technical parts and construction in general guarantees maximum quality for users. The dialogue with the teams that take care of the biological pool is another benefit. From each visit, water samples are analyzed in our own laboratory and the results are interpreted and compared with the data from the online water quality measurement equipment. Thus, monitoring is an asset for each tourism.

After all, the results of the surveys and observation are documented in a monthly report. This, in turn, serves to keep all parties well informed about the performance and development of the facility, to keep the biological pool always in top condition and to allow guests to spend nice holidays with the biological pool.

However, with equipment that allows remote surveillance, in which the mobile phone screen can provide the answer, everything becomes easier and simpler, also for owners of projects for private use. Connected to the Biopiscinas Lda database, a computer constantly analyzes whether everything is okay or whether it is time to take action. More information about pb online here.