The world of piscinas biológicas is the result of an interdisciplinary work, or a set of skills of several people. In addition to the planning team (landscape architect and biologist) there are many more professions, among them engineers, waterproofing technicians, masons, secretaries, warehousemen, servants, carpenters, professional divers, laboratory technicians and nurserymen. Every day, each of them contributes with their specific work and dedication to the success of the product. As workplaces there are not only the sites of the work, currently up to five simultaneously scattered throughout the country, but also a small laboratory, warehouses of materials, offices and the nursery of aquatic plants that produces the plants exclusively for our projects.

Currently, there are 16 people with effective contracts and 5 freelancers in the group “piscinas biológicas”, specifically in the companies SHB, Lda., Aguaflora viveiros and Bio Piscinas, Lda.