A few years ago we worked on converting a large pond into a natural swimming pond for a family of competitive swimmers. The appearance of the swimming pond is very natural. The swimming lane is in the middle of the installation and allows entry from both ends. The use of a dark green liner for waterproofing contributes to its good landscape setting. Due to the large format of the pre-existence, it was possible to implement a 20 meter swimming lane, a plank stone and equip the installation with a stone for roll over turns, which caused great satisfaction on the part of the customers.

On these days we met with the clients and were informed that their swimming pond is in use from February until November and that the mother swims at least 1,000 m daily. The son does too, always when possible, because he doesn’t live in the same house. Meanwhile, the granddaughters began to constitute the third generation of competitive swimmers, accepting the sporting challenge. The youngest is four years old, was quite a baby while we were working on the project, already knows to swim full length in crawl style, the older one is seven years old and is already trying to keep up with her father over longer distances.

It is not always possible to install a long-distance swimming lane in a biological pool. We have worked several times for sporting clients and even competitive swimmers, but for the first time it was for a family of three generations practicing this sport. It’s no surprise that the swimming is the whole family’s great pride. Or in their words, “we are extremely happy with our swimming pond“.