In spring time a great show is repeated regularly in the biological pools. The water lilies reappear on the water surface  to enchant us with their splendid beauty. We have noticed their absence in the winter while they are hibernating in the bottom of the plant zone and do not even show a single leaf. Time when the biological pool seems to us very “empty” without the cover of the floating leaves. All natural phenomena, but that worries many of our customers especially in the first year of the existence of the biological pool. Now again their floating leaves and beautiful flowers are coming back to the surface, which we admire every time again. How is it possible that these flowers of pure and immaculate appearance are born there in the muddy depth of the plants area in the biological pool? After a few days the first flower is already in good company, the carpet of the leaves is dotted with flowers that continue to produce all summer long. Every day again the water lilies flowers show us their splendid beauty. In the biological pool there is a chance to observe them closely, from the separation wall, where many of them are already within our reach. They are seducing us with the perfume of their flowers, reminiscent of vanilla and lemon when it comes to a variety of white flower. Water lilies (Nymphaea alba and others) are suitable plants for any biological pool and play an important ornamental and functional role there. Also the frogs like the water lilies, they use the leaves to rest. It is not uncommon to find a juvenile frog perched on one of the flowers!