It is now, even now, on these slightly rainy nights, but not cold, when it is worth visiting the biological pool. It is not for bathing, the water must be little more than 13 ºC! Get ready with a lamp! This visit is to find out who lives in the biological pool. There are amphibians, newts, frogs and toads, who these days arrive to turn the biological pool into a cradle for their next generation. Amphibian means, an animal that lives on land as well as in water. And the aquatic phase in their lives is mating time.

In the light of our lamp we find a marbled newt, easy to recognize by the colors and the pattern on the skin, which even looks like green marble. Next to it is another one, and it seems that the second, a little smaller, is following the path of the first. And that’s how it is, because now the first one has passed a few decimeters forward in elegant swimming with the help of its stem. The second followed soon, overtakes the first, almost stopping this specimen, and now it is moving its stem in a strong movement like “ventilating” the face of the first.

We are grateful that we managed to observe the so-called “nuptial dance” of the newts. Another one of the great little miracles that happens in a biological pool!