PB 22.000

PB 22.000 is a complete biological swimming pool (Piscina Biológica®) at a reduced cost.

PB 22.000 is the designation of a new type of biological swimming pool, a simplified version ready to dive in, for 22.000 Euro plus VAT, with project included. It is a simple biological swimming pool, with a total area of ​​about 130 m2, corresponding to a bath area of ​​about 42 m2, the remaining area being a plant area.

Price indicated for Mainland Portugal in work locations not far from motorways more than 45 minutes to reach the work. It does not include analyzes or pre-treatments of water that may be necessary, nor finishings of associated living areas.

It is available throughout continental Portugal, PB 22.000 is a simplified version of biological swimming pool, but equipped with everything that is essential: special green liner, substrates and plants, separation walls and entrance in stainless steel ladder.

The PB 22.000 project was developed by Bio Piscinas, Lda. to satisfy the wishes of its most “minimalist” clients who simply want pure and natural water. We understand this desire for a simpler and more economical biological pool, conceived and created. And so we designed PB 22.000.