The word “piscina biológica“ means biological swimming pool and was invented and introduced to Portuguese language by Claudia and Udo Schwarzer in 1995. Nowadays, Piscinas Biológicas® is a registered trademark of Bio Piscinas, Lda.

As synonyms may be considered:

  • Swimming pond
  • Ecological swimming pool
  • Bio pool
  • Bathing lake
  • Natural swimming pool
  • Eco pool

What is the name for Piscinas Biológicas® in other European languages? Many of these words combine “swimming” and “lake” to describe a bathing lake.

  • English: Swimming pond, natural swimming pool
  • French: Etang de baignade, Piscines naturelles, Piscines écologiques
  • German: Schwimmteich, Badebiotop, Badeteich, Naturbad
  • Austrian: Kleinbadeteich, Schwimmteich
  • Dutch: Zwemvijver
  • Belgium: Baignade biologique
  • Spanish: Naturalized pool, natural pool, biological pool
  • Italian: Piscina biologica, biopiscine
  • Czech: Zahradni jezírka, Koupaci jezírka
  • Dinamarquês: Swǿmmesǿen
  • Suiço: Naturbadi