In biological pools, planting follows certain rules, to guarantee a successful project.

First of all, in our projects only native species of regional distribution are used. As well of the same importance, these species are produced by a specialized nursery, from a well-trained team, which produces the plants exclusively for the purpose of being planted in biological pools or other ecological water treatment systems of our authorship. Finally, the choice of suitable species for each project is based on the existing water quality at construction site. For this reason, a well-performed water analysis is required, carried out in our own laboratory, which determines the chemical-physical composition of the water to be used to fill the biological pool.

To interpret water analysis, we use a computer program designed by us that reveals the characteristics and specifications of water to be used and its requirements regarding the treatment system to be adopted in this specific case. Water is not the same all over Portugal, there are regions with calcareous water and regions with soft water, and each composition requires its own response. This also applies to plants, they too have ecological preferences. That’s why we carefully choose suitable species for each of our projects. We want plants to develop well and become beauties, that they can contribute to a successful project.

After all, planting is also very important. In this context, it is worth while to mention that the specialist nursery team also transports the plants using appropriate means and delivers the plants to the work site. Planting itself is done by the same team. Aquatic plants are delicate and require knowledge on how to treat them. Thus, the plants are always in the same experienced hands throughout the process, who know how to treat them well.