A pre-requirement for successful design work on biological pools is always  a water analysis as detailed as possible. Everyone who deals with water analysis knows this: a water analysis comes from the laboratory and now the study begins. No successful project can do without the analysis of filling water and its correct interpretation.

The designers of Bio Piscinas, Lda. solved the problem by designing their own computer program to interpret water analyses. It’s called PONDAnalyst. They developed in this way an extremely useful tool for designing biological pools.

The PONDAnalyst software can be used not only for filling water analysis, but also for the evaluation of water analyzes of existing biological pool projects.

The presence of carbonates in water, characterized by carbonate hardness, is very important for plant growth. If a value for carbonate hardness has been entered, or calculated from other values by the program, a recommendation will be given for the use of products to improve the carbonate content in the water. The program not only recommends the carbonate product, but also calculates its exact dosage to apply in the specific case.

The program’s reviews and recommendations on nutrients such as nitrate and phosphorus are also particularly helpful. As with all values, it is first checked whether the measured value entered is within the recommended standard. If this is not the case, a warning lights up. If there is too little nitrate, the program recommends fertilizing. As with the carbonate recommendation, the right dosage is also determined by the program.

More about PONDAnalyst can be found here.