The cold days are gone. Happily! With some afternoons with milder temperatures, nature really accelerates. We can almost see how the plants grow and each day again we can count more leaves of water lilies. The vegetation reacts directly to the presence of light and rising temperatures and dresses in more vivid colors.

Suddenly, we already have 20º Celsius, and the water aspect also seems much more inviting than it was days ago. With the longer days and more solar radiation, the water heats supremely fast.

The Spring light and the first auspicious sunny days are already preparing us mentally for the first dive in the biological pool. We are brave, we touch the water with our hands or dip our toes in. What a beautiful surprise! The water no longer looks cold at all, at least not on the surface.

Since some days, the frogs have a big party in the water and celebrate the arrival of spring with their nocturnal songs. They tirelessly want to attract others to create a family, which will have the privilege of living in a biological pool where users like to bathe next to the frogs.

And us, the users or owners of the biological pools? We enjoy this charm of nature, this renaissance that is so easy to observe in the biological pool, each year again and each time with the same pleasure. We take the first baths, which are still relatively short, because the water temperature does not allow such long stays as in summer. But when we leave we immediately feel the freshness that warms us so much! It is worth thinking about a second dive.