Unfortunately, news like this arrives more and more at our office:

“Last summer a man convinced us to build a swimming pool (10 m x 5 m) and a lake next to it, saying that it would be enough to clean the pool water (the lake is 5 m x 1.5 m). With the pool (and now suspicious of the man who deceived us) we never saw the system working.
Do you think it is possible to work? Is it possible to use what has been done? Or would it be better to give up on that system? We are completely lost … ”.

In a trusting collaboration, the customer is never lost. Working with professionals in the area there will be references and a detailed project with description of the treatment system and water quality forecast. It also helps to consult the website of the Iberian Association of Professionals in the Industry, the Iberian Group of Natural Bathing Water GIABN. Those listed here have professional backgrounds in the field and know what they are doing.

Never follow false prophets.