In biological pools the water temperature is slowly rising, but the aquatic plants still need a few days with more than 16ºC water temperature to launch new shoots. At the beginning of the season, to ensure that algae do not proliferate, collective cooperation and ecological interrelations between organisms constitute the complex process of biological water purification.

Understanding nature and consequently doing everything that the aquatic ecosystem of the biological swimming pool produces bathing quality water, is the main key in planning and maintenance of biological swimming pools.

This holistic ecological thinking does not rely on pumps or products. One or another technology could be useful to support natural processes in a biological pool, but it can never replace them.

When thinking about water treatment for biological pools, disinfection has long been thought of. Biological disinfection takes place through the great whole of the ecosystem, which relies on the effectiveness of microorganisms such as zooplankton and plants that develop antibacterial substances against harmful organisms. The aquatic ecosystem of a very low nutrition level is significantly more effective than chemical substances that act only for a short period.

An intact microflora is the best ally for biological water purification and disinfection. This sounds simple, but it’s simply the truth. While the microbiology and plants in this ecosystem are intact, the water is also healthy. A principle of nature found in biological pools.