Already know that a natural swimming pool can cost less than a conventional pool with tiles and machine house?

Our only pre-configured biological pool is called PB.15.000 and has a total area of ​​about 130 m2 with a bathing area of ​​approximately 45 m2.

It costs only 15,000 Euro plus VAT, all inclusive, minus any filling water costs.

The concept assumes that it is sufficient to have only one zone of plants for the purification of water. In cases where the water is not so appropriate we have eventually put together a biological filter or a water pretreatment system whose costs are not included in the base price. The same goes for extras like a skimmer.

The price indicated also includes the projects, but not the licensing project that could be required when the construction site is inserted in areas with any type of protection status of the soil, the environment or nature.

More information on PB.15.000 can be found here.