Quinta Vila Rachel is located in the Ribatua Valley, near Alijó, close to the banks of the Douro River. Due to this privileged position, since the time of its foundation, the Quinta has been dedicated to the production of grapes, port wine and olive oil, through cultivation in its 30 ha of property.

Nowadays, natural and organic wines are produced, and since this summer, the house has also recently opened accommodation and an associated biological pool. In other words, it increases the possibilities on the map with tourism sites that offer holidays with swimming ponds.

The location of the biological pool, between the vineyards and the guest houses, offers a splendid view over the Ribatua valley, part of the Vale do Ribatua Regional Natural Park. The bathing area, in a straight line, is next to an area with plants and an external biological filter supports the purification of water by biological means. Adjacent areas to the biopool basin, living area for guests, makes reference to the great wine production tradition of Vila Rachel, since the pavement is made up of old  shale pillars for vines, that is, stone posts used in the past as supporting structures for vines in the region’s vineyards.

In Vila Rachel, tradition meets modernity and in this set a biological pool cannot be missing.