Late summer is when they appear. From one day to the next they are there, visible, with no explanation of where all of a sudden so many tiny frogs come from. Sometimes no bigger than the fingernail, they already behave like the big ones, they know how to jump and swim perfectly. They like to stay on the very green leaves of the water lilies where they don’t attract much attention because they are camouflaged. It’s such a pleasure to watch them, they seem like they’re not even afraid of us.

But what was it like, are they all going to live in our biological pool? This could give a wave of frogs…?

You can rest easy! Nature already provides a solution. This youth will spend only a few days with their parents in the biological pool and then, on a rainy day, they will migrate to another place where they will establish a new population. Eventually their children, in the phase of their migration, will return to their grandparents’ biological pool, who knows?