The new robot is for use in biological pools of all shapes and sizes. It can work on a flat bottom or with a gentle slope and clean areas of the bathing area up to a size of 12 m x 6 m.

With the quick cycle , pre-programmed, it cleans the bottom in 1 h 15 min. The 230 V power supply goes through a transformer that produces 30 V DC (consumption 150 Watts). This robot does not escape the water. It has security systems that prevent from entering the entrance area or climbing out of the water.

The filter is easily to access from the top of the robot. It has 18 m of cable and the dimensions are 43 x 48 x 27 cm and a weight of around 10 kg. It has 3 years warranty. Included are accessories like a caddy, the control block and a 400 μm filter housing for use in biological pools.