The Bio Piscinas Lda team has always worked on bio-based solutions. Examples are ecological water treatment systems, whether for purifying bathing water or wastewater. New is the concept of Rewilding Gardens, which aims to restore the original vegetation of a location on garden level, respecting the limited space available there.

Rewilding means enabling more ecological processes in a given location. Speaking of garden areas, the concept applies scientific knowledge about the potentially natural vegetation of the site, that is, applied phytosociology, botanical science about the natural coexistence of plants. Thus, the garden being renaturalized is designed with the series of potentially natural vegetation, that is, with all the expressions that this vegetation allows. The exclusive use of native plants is crucial to achieving the desired result, a garden adapted to the specific reality of the location, an ecological and resilient solution with a small ecological footprint.
There are several advantages, from the individual contribution to loss of biodiversity and fighting climate change to saving water due to the absence of irrigation systems. A Rewilding Garden offers more ecological interactions, thus gaining more life, more diversity and more resistance, whether against drought or pests.

A garden is our bridge to nature. With a Rewilding Garden the path is even shorter.

The team is currently working on several Rewilding Jardins projects.

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