Solar Sauna

The innovative concept of the first solar sauna was developed in Portugal, Mid-90s.

The principle of SOLAUNA is simple: the combination of the isolation and the greenhouse efect, produce maximum temperatures up to 90ºC (Spring or Autumn).

Heat is available – without any added energy – until hours after sunset. And all this without producing carbon dioxide, because SOLAUNA is heated exclusively through solar energy!

For most of the year the SOLAUNA offers temperatures of the so called Bio-Sauna, which means temperatures between 55-65 ºC and humidity of air between 30-50%.

The Bio-Sauna mode is a low temperature hot air bath for a longer period (about 45 minutes). The Bio-Sauna has the advantage that there is no shock to the blood circulation as it happens entering a Finnish sauna. But the sauna bath generates the same result; the body starts to sweat more slowly but as deep as in a Finnish sauna bath.

SOLAUNA combines perfectly with a biological swimming pond (Piscina Biológica®) and extends the swimming season.