We ask ourself if a biological pool can be sustainable? The answer is yes!

A biological pool does not harm the water quality of the environment, in any way, because the quality of water in a biological pool is identical to that of lakes in nature. This does not compromise either the environment or the natural resources such as the water table.

Water may come from a spring, a well, a water mine or a borehole, not necessarily from the public grid. After filling it always remains in the system, there is no need to change or deplete the water, another permanent factor of these recreative or, in other words, sustainable equipment.

Biological pools do not use chemical additives! Consequently, they do not alter the quality of water in a dangerous “cocktail” of chlorine or chlorine derivatives such as chloramines, which are highly harmful to human health because they are suspected of causing allergies and asthma and are carcinogenic.

A biological pool is a long-lasting facility. The waterproofing screens are of high quality and last forever, but can be recycled if desired. The natural stone has an extremely great longevity as well as the pebble on the shores. Natural woods make part of the renewable resources and after their life cycle at the pool still serve in the fireplace. The pumps, if any, are low consumption or solar-powered pumps. The plants are always native species, they do not affect the indigenous flora. Species are perennial, ie self-renewing species and do not have to be replaced. Excess biomass fills the compost heap that produces fertile soil for the garden.

The presence of water in a place always helps to significantly increase biodiversity, also by the mere fact of serving as a natural watering hole for wildlife. And, after all, a biological pool offers a space fit for the flora and fauna of the wetlands, quickly becomes a habitat of protected species. Not to forget that a biological pool has a positive effect on the microclimate of the place and also works as a CO2 sink, a welcome effect nowadays.

In short words, biological pools are sustainable long-term solutions and additionally bring many benefits to the environment of the place where they were installed.