“The water of our swimming pond is as clear as the daylight!”

José Lopes, Hotel Nascente do Ave

with swimming pond since 2003


“A swimming pond could really change your life.

Alexandra Gil, Monte Barranco da Baía with swimming pond since 2003

“A pond for swimming in! I can have a swim up and down, or around and around and then just sit on the floating wall and watch the birds having a drink, check the plants or just look at the trees.”

Rosie Peddle, swimming pond since 2005

“Our eyes don’t burn, our skin keeps smooth!

Artemisia Nobre, Casa do Alto da Eira with swimming pond since 2004

“Sie machen wirklich etwas ganz großartiges, Schönheit und die Liebe zu Wasser und Sport mit Natur und der Regeneration der Biosphäre zu verbinden.”

Justus Kammüller, Albufeira, bekommt seinen Schwimmteich im Jahr 2020

“Thank you for the wonder you put behind my house.”

Lino Cabral, Palmela, with biological pool since 2018.

“A big thank you for your commitment to creating such a beautiful space in my garden.”

Hernâni Moura, Estoril, with biological pool since 2019.

“Loving the wild life attracted to the pool. There seems to be more new visitors every week.”

Andrew Cooper, Moura, with biological pool since 2018.