Every year the number of tourisms with biological pools increases in Portugal and with it also the offer of Holiday with biological pools. This year makes no exception. At the foot of Serra de Estrela, near Covilhã, the Quinta da Sr.ª Marrocas opened its doors and the biological pool. This tourism is located in the countryside and offers views over the mountain landscape. The modern architectural language of the buildings is reflected in the layout of the biological pool. This one has a basically rectangular shape and a very architectural appearance. But this biological pool is also a bio-based solution, whether the plants for water purification or the biological treatment system implemented.

Bathing in soft waters, smelling the water lily flowers (yes, they smell!), observing aquatic life and the production of oxygen by macrophyte plants is part of the fun that a biological pool naturally offers, regardless of whether it is located in the north or in the south of the country, or if you are in a holiday home, a hotel, a campsite or a glamping site. What they all have in common is the offer to dive in naturalized water, free of chemical additives. The eyes do not burn and the skin does not dry out. Worth a try! As we have revealed before, there are many in Portugal (see map).